Join the Lab

Undergraduate Students Interested in Research Experience 

The MoCA Lab provides students with experience in the lab, as well as an insight into various resarch methods.  Students with good academic standing, who are motived, and who have an interest in pursuing cognitive neuroscience research are encouraged to apply.  As a lab, we are always engaged in several interesting and important research projects, which require dedication from motivated undergraduate students. Students should be able to work well independently and in team settings.

Interested students should fill out the MoCA RA Application, and email for further details.



Potential postdocs, please contact Dr. Zabelina at to indicate your interest.

Graduate Students

Graduate student applications are reviewed after the formal admission deadline (Dec. 1).

Experience in EEG/ERP research will greatly benefit the success of your application, so if you have the option, get involved with the lab that does EEG research.

Programming skills (e.g., Matlab, R, Python) are a big plus.

The Experimental Training Committee (ETC) is aware that some graduate students are having difficulties taking the Graduate Record Examinations (GREs) due to the pandemic. We also recognize the fact that GREs may put some individuals, particularly from underrepresented groups, at an unfair distadvantage when it comes to educational opportunities. At this time, the University of Arkansas Fellowship Committee requires GREs for fellowship decisions; therefore, we also request GREs for graduate admissions so that all incoming students have a fair chance at receiving a fellowship. We continue to work hard to increase our holistic approach to evaluating student applicants.